No Need for Recount Historic presidential election makes law school big winner

Published: November 27th, 2000

Category: News

Thanks to one of the nation’s heaviest and longest news media blitzes in recent years, the University of Florida and its Fredric G. Levin College of Law have been declared big winners in connection with the Bush-Gore presidential election turmoil. Starting Wednesday, Nov. 8, the day after national voting day, and continuing through this past weekend (Nov. 25-26), national and international news media representatives counted on UF experts on a daily basis to add expertise, interpretation and analysis. Two prominent national spokesmen have been Interim Dean Jon Mills and Professor Joe Little, with Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Mike Seigel providing assistance. Members of UF’s Political Science Department also were quoted extensively. John Lester, UF’s Associate Director of News and Public Affairs, commented that, “this is quite a time in U.S. political history, and we’re delighted UF experts are playing a role in it.” Law school Communications Director Stan Huguenin estimates more than 300 media representative calls were handled Nov. 8-Nov. 26, “and thanks to the tireless efforts of Dean Mills and Professor Little, including nights and weekends, we made a tremendous number of news media outlets happy and gained valuable additional recognition for one of the country’s top law schools and universities.” Among major newspapers calling for and receiving information from the law school, most on a repeat basis: Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times (reporters and the editorial board), Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, News Day, New York Daily News, Boston Herald, Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Examiner, Sunday Telegraph (UK), USA Today, Houston Chronicle. Also checking in were national representatives for Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service, Gannett News Services, Reuters News Services and Associated Press. National Public Radio, Public Radio International, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The Economist, British Broadcasting Corporation and ABC, NBC, CBS networks were heard from, as were news media in Japan, England, Brazil and Australia. Radio stations in Oregon, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, California, New York, Washington, regional NPR outlets, and stations throughout Florida called frequently. Time Magazine, Business Week, CNN,,, and MSNBC were among those seeking comments multiple times. And Dean Mills appeared live one or more times on national broadcasts by “Fox and Friends” on Fox-TV News, “Jim Lehrer News Hour” on PBS, CNN News (one an interview by Wolf Blitzer), CNN’s “Burden of Proof,” NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” and CNN’s “The World Today.”

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