UF law students/graduates impact national politics

Published: November 6th, 2000

Category: News

UF law student Mark Peltzman, is running for Democratic Party State Committeeman. If elected Wednesday (Nov. 8), he will act as a liaison between the state party and the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee. Peltzman is also Democratic Party Campaign Manager, along with Bob Dykes, for Perry McGriff’s state House of Representatives campaign. Peltzman was a delegate at the Los Angeles Democratic National Convention this summer, the first student delegate ever to a national convention. He became involved with the Democratic Executive Committee when he came to law school in 1998, becoming a committee member when he was elected precinct representative. On the other end of the political spectrum, December ’98 UF law grad Ken Jones started work last April in Washington, D.C. as Associate General Counsel to the Republican National Committee. He was formerly a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, FSU Senate President and UF Student ABA President. He ran for the House when he was 22, youngest candidate in the state to seek a position in the legislature. While at UF, he was on Trial Team and the Justice Campbell Thornal Moot Court Team in addition to many other UF committees. Another recent law grad, Chris Jackson ’00, now serves as Student President for the National Association of Public Interest Law (NAPIL) and Vice Chair of its Board of Directors.

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