IP symposium to feature national leaders

Published: March 12th, 2001

Category: News Briefs

UF law school officials initiated in 2000 the first Intellectual Property Law Certificate Program in the southeast, and one result is a March 24 symposium. Coordinated by UF Research Foundation Professor Tom Cotter, Director of the IP law program, the event will focus on extension of American-style IP rights to developing and leastdeveloped nations, particularly in the areas of pharmaceutical products and indigenous technologies. Among those featured are James Gathii, Rutgers University; Shubha Ghosh, State University of New York; James Love, Center for Study of Responsive Law, Washington, D.C.; Jerome H. Reichman, Duke University School of Law; Susan Sell, George Washington University; and Jayashree Watal of the World Trade Organization. The conference is funded in part by the Saliwanchik Lloyd & Saliwanchik IP Fund. For information: www.law.ufl.edu/news/ releases/010125.shtml.

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