Conservation Clinic Helps U.S. 441 Gain Scenic Highway Designation

Published: April 23rd, 2001

Category: News

After four semesters of Conservation Clinic assistance to the Scenic 441 Corridor Advocacy Group, the Florida Department of Transportation recently issued its intent to grant scenic highway status to U.S. 441 and its loop/spur roads in Southern Alachua County. Clinic students from the law school worked in an interdisciplinary format with students from the Departments of Landscape Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning to prepare the initial eligibility application and land use and zoning analysis, form and facilitate meetings of the Scenic 441 Corridor Advocacy Group, and develop a “legal tool box” of protection techniques within the highway corridor that was incorporated into the approved management plan. In addition to providing protection for scenic resources, scenic highway status makes the road section eligible for specially earmarked state and federal funds.

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