Students Assist Holocaust Survivors

Published: April 9th, 2001

Category: News

A contingent of UF law students is participating in an historic volunteer program to assist south Florida Holocaust survivors with claims for compensation for World War II injustices. The Holocaust Survivor Assistance Project (HSAP), headed locally by third-year law students Jeff Neiman and Josh Corn, is part of nationwide efforts to help survivors receive compensation for forced and slave labor performed on behalf of Nazi Germany during World War II. The money is coming from a multi-billion dollar fund established by the German government and companies who unjustly benefitted from the labor. “More than 50 years after conclusion of World War II,” Neiman said, “Holocaust survivors finally are being compensated for labor performed in German-occupied territories during the war.” Neiman first heard about HSAP — where volunteers help victims fill out and file claims — from a friend at New York University, where a similar program is conducted. When Neiman found out about the large population of Holocaust survivors living in south Florida who need assistance, he began his organizational efforts. “We built this local program from the ground up, and it now involves about 35 law students and five others who are UF undergraduates,” he said. Neiman credits support and guidance from Jenni Frumer, director of Jewish Family Services of South Florida, and Professor Stuart Cohn with helping the group succeed.

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