Center for Study of Race and Race Relations Gains Momentum

Published: August 27th, 2001

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Law Graduate Desta Meghoo Joins CSRRR Center for Recent UF law graduate Desta Y. Meghoo- Peddie has joined the Center for the Study for Race and Race Relations (CSRRR) in the newly created position of Assistant Director. Meghoo is a member of the law school’s recently formed Community Relations Committee, and received the Hazel Land Outstanding Black Female Law Student Award from the Black Law Students Association in April. Center Director Rahim Reed will be on leave this year as he serves as Associate Executive Vice Chancellor of Campus Community Relations at the University of California-Davis. Meghoo will coordinate the Center’s activities in his absence. “This is a challenging opportunity for me,” said Meghoo. “I never realized how many people call upon the Center for help and guidance, from students to government officials. I am excited at this opportunity for me to make a difference in this important area.” The Center’s mission is to create an interdisciplinary academic institution designed to explore issues of race and race relations, promote racial tolerance and understanding, interracial dispute resolution, racial equality and racial healing. CSRRR seeks to achieve its mission through research and development and promotion of university, regional, state, national and international projects to influence policies on racial issues. “Our Center develops, encourages and sponsors projects and course offerings at the Levin College of Law that enhance students’ understanding of racialism, social inequality and the law,” said Reed. “These activities are not exclusive to the law school. We also interact with other colleges and departments throughout the University of Florida.” The Center encourages and welcomes faculty from various departments with an interest in racial relations to become an affiliate faculty member of the CSRRR. It also promotes and sponsors interdisciplinary research on current racial relation issues as they impact areas such as Education, Economic Development, Health Care, the Media and the Criminal Justice System. It seeks to foster expertise among faculty, nationally and internationally renowned scholars, community activists and similar institutions by encouraging scholarship, organizing symposia and conferences, hosting renowned speakers, presenting training and education for the public and private sector, providing resources and data for research and development, and publishing articles. CSRRR is actively developing partnerships with public institutions such as the Florida Commission on Human Relations and the Florida Office of the Attorney General, in order to bring together the intellectual talents and academic research assets of the Center with the experience and expertise of professionals actively working in these areas. These partnerships develop better training techniques and methods, generate new supporting data for strategic planning, and facilitate creative effective solutions to specific problem areas. The Center is presently working on a Web site, video lecture series, the annual spring conference, and will be represented at the United Nations World Conference on Race in Durban, South Africa, Aug. 30- Sept. 7 by Meghoo and Assistant Professor Sherrie- Lynn Russell-Brown. The UN Conference will help create strategic alliances, present an opportunity to gather new data, inspire new areas of research and scholarship, and establish the Center as a viable source of information and resources for issues pertaining to racial relations.

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