Law School Tops in Technology

Published: August 20th, 2001

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Manager of Computing Services Mark Bergeron spoke this summer at the Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) conference held at Suffolk University in Boston. The 500-plus attendees represented most law schools in the U.S. and abroad. “Compared to other public sector universities, we (UF) appeared to be among the top percent in technology and in being able to provide computerrelated technical services,” said Bergeron. “By listening to other conference speakers and asking questions, I got the impression we have solved problems other law schools have not, and are doing things technologically that many law schools have not even entertained.” Bergeron cited as an example the College of Law’s installation of wireless Internet access capabilities for both indoor and outdoor use. “We’re putting it in places students would want to sit down with a laptop and use it,” said Bergeron. “Places like the libraries, cafeteria and picnic benches outside. Professor can even teach class outside if they want to, complete with Internet capabilities.” The school is using the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) recognized standard for wireless Internet cards, the 802.11b. This way, students can not only access the Internet at the law school, but also anywhere else that supports the card. The College of Law began a project this summer to completely re-wire the law school from current 4 and 16 Megabyte per second Token Ring connections to a 100 Megabyte per second switched Ethernet connection to every desktop. “The infrastructure that supports it is capable of supporting a one Gigabit per second transfer rate,” said Bergeron. “We planned for the future. If we get requests for something like video conferencing, the backbone is capable of supporting that.” Bergeron graduated with a B.S. in electrical engineering from Auburn University, spent two years as a teleprocessing engineer at the Northeast Regional Data Center in Gainesville, and was named Manager of College of Law Computing Services in 1986.

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