Adjuncts Nominated

Published: January 14th, 2002

Category: News

Three of five names forwarded by the Eighth Judicial Circuit Bar Association Judicial Nominating Committee to Governor Bush as nominees for the vacancy created by the resignation of Circuit Court Judge Nath Doughtie are adjunct faculty at the law school. Nominees included adjunct Professor Carl Schwait, who teaches Trial Practice in the fall and is faculty advisor to the team. Also nominated were County Court Judge Phyllis Kotey ’85, fall workshop leader for Trial Practice and coach for the Florida Bar Trial Team that won last year’s competition, and County Court Judge Ysleta McDonald ’83, a spring workshop leader for Trial Practice. “I was honored to have been nominated along with Judge Kotey and Judge McDonald, who are so well respected by the legal community,” said Professor Schwait, who added, “My ability to withstand the rigorous interview process was strengthened by the tough questions I receive from our students.” Governor Bush chose attorney Robert Roundtree in December to fill the vacancy.

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