In the spotlight: Slobogin

Published: February 4th, 2002

Category: News Briefs

This week, Associate Dean and Stephen C. O’Connell Professor Christopher Slobogin will teach a one-day program sponsored by the American Board of Forensic Psychology in San Diego, and also will present a paper, “Peeping Techno-Toms: Seeing Through Kyllo’s Rules Governing Technological Surveillance of the Home,” at a symposium at the University of Minnesota Law School. He received additional national distinction recently when the U.S. Supreme Court cited an American Psychiatric Association statement on the insanity defense from his book, Psychological Evaluations for the Courts (2d ed. 1997) (with G. Melton, J. Petrila, and N. Poythress), in Kansas v. Crane, a case dealing with the degree of volitional impairment the state must show before it can preventively detain a sexual predator.

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