UFLaw Remembers 9/11, Honors Those Who Serve

Published: September 23rd, 2002

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UFLaw remembered the tragedy of 9/11 and honored at a flag-raising ceremony Sept. 11 public safety officers and military service personnel whose diligent efforts help ensure our safety. Local firemen, police and military personnel were present.

The ceremony included UFLaw students now serving as public safety or military officers. With Dean Jon Mills (left), are Christopher M. O’Neal, a GPD police officer for more than eight years; Cpl. Juan Carlos Tabio, reservist Marine Corps & Elite 4th Anglico; Tae Shin, 2nd Lt. Unit 124 Army Infantry; Jenelle Donze, 2nd Lt. Marine Corps; Jay-Jay Janabajal, 2nd Lt. Marine Corps; Courtney Walsh, 2nd Lt. Marine Corps; Matt Brannen, Capt. Marine Corps; Gregg Fike, Capt. U.S. Air Force; Sean Boynton, Capt. Marine Corps; Samuel Londono, 2nd Lt.; and Associate Dean Gail Sasnett. The Colors were presented (right) by the Naval ROTC Color Guard and two UFLaw students.

The John Marshall Bar Association organized a panel discussion,”9/11 and the Law: One Year Later,” to discuss how the attacks changed political institutions, media culture, law enforcement agencies, relations with foreign countries and legal systems. Panelists included Gainesville Sun Editorial Page Editor Ron Cunningham (left), Senator/Former State Attorney Rod Smith, Former Gov. Buddy MacKay, JMBA President and event organizer Chris Hand (3L), UF Medical Professor Fred Southwick and Professor Nancy Dowd. Ken Grace (3L, right) was one of many visitors to a display by student organizations honoring citizens of New York and law students with past or present military service.

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