Meet the Faculty: Jeffry L. Harrison

Published: October 27th, 2003

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View on the Profession

“In some ways the two professions that concern me — teaching law and practicing law — are not as different as they seem. It is true that teaching means a great deal of student interaction, which is my favorite part of the job. Other than that, the best part of teaching is having time to research and reason through difficult issues without knowing in advance what my conclusions will be. It is here that the overlap comes in. I do not know a single successful attorney who does not have to do what I do as a professor — research and evaluate complex ideas and issues. And the successful ones are uniformly open-minded. Sometimes I am concerned that students are not given the opportunity or challenged to develop analytical skills that permit consideration of the full range of possibilities.”


B.S. (high honors), M.B.A., Ph.D. (Economics and Business Administration), University of Florida; J.D. (high honors), University of North Carolina. Law Review, Order of the Coif, Judge Walter Clark Award, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Epsilon.

Professor Harrison is a nationally and internationally known scholar in the fields of antitrust, law and economics, faculty and decanal self-promotion, and copyright. His books, articles, presentations, and general musings number in the hundreds, maybe thousands. (Several attempts to count them have failed.) He has taught on every continent except Australia, South America, Africa and Antarctica, but he hopes to visit them soon. He is a founder and director of the Center for Teaching and Research, a privately funded institution. He was 1997 chair of the AALS Section on Socioeconomics and the Law. He likes sewing, bicycling and modern dance and design.

What You May Not Know

“Connect these four dots and know all there is to know about me:

1. My 12th grade aptitude test said I should be a florist.

2. I was in the Orange Bowl when Joe Auer ran back the opening kick-off in the first-ever Miami Dolphins game.

3. The writings of John Rawls have had a profound effect on me.

4. I’ve never met a man (or woman) I did not like, except Will Rogers.”

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