Career Spotlight: Rep. Jeff Kottkamp

Published: January 26th, 2004

Category: News Briefs

“My legal education prepared me not only to practice law, but also to serve in the legislature. The analytical and advocacy skills I developed in law school have been extremely beneficial during my service in the Florida House of Representatives. My advice to law students is to learn to love the law and always treat it as a profession — not a business.”

Jeff Kottkamp (UF JD 87). Kottkamp was elected to the Florida House of Representatives, District 74, in 2000 and subsequently re-elected. His committee memberships include the Judiciary, Joint Select Committee on Collective Bargaining, State Administration, Policy, Select Committee on Article V, Procedures, Subcommittee on Rules, Select Committee of the Whole and Subcommittee on Judicial Appropriations. Prior committees include Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, Judicial Oversight, Claims and House Redistricting. Prior to his election to the House, he was licensed to practice law in Florida, 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and U.S. Supreme Court, Certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a county and circuit court mediator, and adjunct professor at Southwest Florida College of Business (1995). He was a law clerk to U.S. District Court Judge Sidney Aronovitz in 1991 and law clerk to U.S. Court Judge Joe Eaton in 1990.

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