Dinh Lecture Addresses Nationalism

Published: March 15th, 2004

Category: News Briefs

Florida Law Review hosted its annual Dunwody Lecture Feb. 27. Robert D. W. Landon, II (front) welcomed speaker Viet Dinh (second) on behalf of the firms sponsoring the Dunwody Lecture Series — Dunwody, White and Landon, P.A. and Mershon, Sawyer, Johnston, Dunwody and Cole — along with Review Editor Rob Luck (third), Dean Robert Jerry (fourth) and Review Faculty Advisor/Professor Dennis Calfee (fifth).

Dinh, a Georgetown Law Professor and former U.S. Assistant Attorney General for Legal Policy, gave the address, “Nationalism in the Age of Terror,” to a standing- room-only crowd that included a handful of protestors from the local chapter of the National Lawyer’s Guild. Dinh is well-known for playing a key role in implementing the USA Patriot Act and for revising Attorney General’s Guidelines governing federal law enforcement activities and national security investigations. His speech traced the rise of the nation state, focusing on the role of state sovereignty in the global environment. He commented upon Al-Quada, noting that such an organization, not bound by the rules that govern nation states, presents a challenge for the U.S. in that such groups embody ideology divorced from geography, and concluded by suggesting it might be time to rethink strategic policy to adapt to terrorist cells, and that traditional models might no longer apply.

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