Scholarship and Activities: Michael Gordon

Published: September 13th, 2004

Category: News Briefs

Chesterfield Smith Professor Michael W. Gordon organized and moderated four hours of discussion on international commercial sales and international civil litigation for the opening Fundamentals of International Business session at the spring meeting of the International Law Section of the ABA in New York City in May. Also in May, he successfully argued on behalf of Honduras to convince the European Union to enter as an interested third party in a World Trade Organization case in Geneva involving Honduras and the Dominican Republic. He was elected to the American Law Institute, and gave the endowed Sir Joseph Gold Memorial International Law Lecture at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and Queen Mary College London Forum in late May. His presentation was on international civil litigation. In June, he conducted a one-day workshop on international business and trade law and international litigation to french graduate law students at the Centre du Droit de l’Entreprise de l’Universite Montpellier. In late June, he was presented the Jon Mills Award for Significant Contributions to Relations Between Florida and the Americas while in San Jose, Costa Rica, with Professor Don Peters. Both were moderators and panelists for a dispute resolution session at the Center for Governmental Responsibility’s Law & Policy in Latin America Conference there. He also had two casebooks published this year by West, and a third will be published in 2004-05. Both Nutshells will be out this fall, as will his new Concise Hornbook for West and supplementation for his fivevolume corporation treatise for Lexis.

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