Jackson Named ‘Outstanding Advocate’

Published: October 18th, 2004

Category: News Briefs

Legal Skills Professor Joseph Jackson received the award “Outstanding Advocate for the Homeless” at the annual meeting of the Florida Homeless Coalition in Tampa Oct. 5. In his nomination for the award, Arupa Freeman wrote, “UF law professor Joe Jackson provides outstanding service to homeless people as an advocate, negotiator, and advisor. Joe rides with the HOME van, taking food and friendship to homeless people in the woods and parks. He has won their trust; they pass his name around and he frequently receives calls seeking advice or representation, which he has provided — without charge — in criminal matters, probate matters, claims for destruction of property by the police, access to property in a towed car, and a ban on access to the library.


“Joe also advocates effectively for service providers…has established contacts with city officials and law enforcement personnel, and acts as a liaison when homeless people are harassed, convincing the authorities to respect homeless people’s rights and even practice compassion.


“Joe serves actively on the Florida Bar’s Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness, helped organize and moderate an all-day seminar on the legal needs of the homeless, and has repeatedly lobbied City Commissioners and other officials to create needed facilities and eliminate unreasonable restrictions on panhandling.”

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