UF Law Students, Faculty Go ‘Pasture Paddling’ on Payne’s Prairie

Published: October 11th, 2004

Category: News Briefs

Students, faculty and friends of UF law’s Environmental and Land Use Law Program took advantage of high water to paddle Alachua County’s Prairie Creek on a recent Friday afternoon. The issuebased field trip was organized by the Conservation Clinic, and outfitted by local environmental historian Lars Andersen.


Prairie Creek flows into Payne’s Prairie through a water control structure, and represents the first “reservation” of water for environmental purposes under Florida water law, a legal status now being sought for restoration of the Florida Everglades. Due to the flooding, the group was able to experience first-hand a flooded forest and try their hand at “pasture paddling.”


“When you paddled by a live oak, you knew you were beyond the ordinary high water line,” said Conservation Clinic Director Tom Ankersen.

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