New Reading Room Named for 2004 Class

Published: January 10th, 2005

Category: News Briefs

A reading room in the new UF Legal Information Center will honor the Spring and Fall 2004 graduating classes for their generous class gifts, according to UF College of Law Dean Robert Jerry. The Fall 2004 class presented the dean with a class gift of $36,075, which was preceded by the record — $42,375 given or pledged over five years — of the Spring 2004 class, the highest total and participation rate (37 percent) in school history.

“What career will we have that won’t lead back to the College of Law education we received? I want to see this college grow and get better so when I come back to visit, I can be proud not only that I came, I saw, and I conquered, but also that I contributed to making it a better place even after I was here,” said Lauren Cury, who co-chaired the Fall 2004 Class Gift Committee with Edrene Johnson.