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Published: September 18th, 2006

Category: Students

Mark Fenster

Associate Professor

• Presented “Takings, Version 2005: The Legal Process of Constitutional Property Rights” at Florida State University Law School on Sept. 7.

Jerold H. Israel

Ed Rood Eminent Scholar in Trial Avocacy and Procedure

• Published Criminal Procedure-Constitutional Limitations in a Nutshell, 7th edition, with Wayne Lafave (Thomson/West)

• Published Criminal Procedure and the Constitution, 2006 edition, with Yale Kamisar, Eayne LaFave, & Nancy King (Thomson/West)

• Published 2006 supplement to Modern Criminal Procedure (with Kamisar, LaFave, King anf Orin Kerr), the 2006 supplement to White Collar Crime (with Boman, Podgor, & Henning) and the 2006 Pocket part to Criminal Hombook (with LaFave & King).  

Clifford A Jones 

Visiting Assistant Professor in Law Research 

• Presented a paper in Munich, Germany Sept. 12-13, “Patent Power and Market Power: Rethinking the Relationship between Intellectual Property Rights and Market Power in Antitrust Analysis,” to the Conference on Intellectual Property and Competition Law, sponsored by Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition, and Tax Law.

 Elizabeth T. Lear


 • Published “Congress, the Federal Courts, and Forum Non Conveniens: Friction on the Frontier of the Inherent Power,” 91 Iowa Law Review 1147 (May 2006).

 Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky 

Professor; UF Research Foundation Professor 

• Her article, “Authorship, Audiences & Anony- mous Speech” (co-authored with Tom Cotter) was published on the Social Science Research Network Web site. 

Diane H. Mazur 


• Published “A Blueprint for Law School Engage- ment with the Military,” 1 Journal of National Security & Policy 473 (2005). 

Lars Noah 


 • Published “Treat Yourself: Is Self-Medication the Prescription for What Ails American Health Care?” 19 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology. 359 (2006); “Managing Biotechnology’s [R]evolution: Has Guarded Enthusiasm Become Benign Neglect?” 11 Virginia Journal of Law & Technology 4 (2006; “A DRug by Any Other Name…?: Paradoxes in Dietary Supplement Risk Regulation, ” 17 Standford Law & Policy Review. 165 (2006). 

Michael L. Seigel 


• Published a law review article, “The Effective Use of War Stories in Teaching Evidence,” 50 St. Louis Journal 1191 (Summer 2006). 

Christopher Slobogin

 Stephen C. O’Connell Chair; Affiliate Professor of Psychiatry; Adjunct Professor, University of South Florida Mental Health Institute ; Associate Directore, Center in Children and Families 

• Published “Competency in the Criminal Context: An Analysis of Robert’s Schopp’s View,” in Behavioral Sciences and the Law.

• Participated in a conference Sept. 8 at the University of California Boalt School of Law on “Governing and Living in a Time of Terror: Law Beyond 9/11.”

 In the News

 Mark Fenster

 Associate Professor

 • Quoted in U.S. News & World Report, The Australian (a newspapeR), the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and the Toronto Star on the 9/11 Commission Report and conspiracies surrounding 9/11. 

Christopher L. Peterson

Associate Professor

Albuquerque News Journal, July 17, 2006 Research on payday lending was used in an article about sensational efforts to put a cap on payday lending interest rates.

• Center for American Progress, July 19, 2006. Reprinted the article that ran two days earlier in the Albuquerque News Journal. 

Michael Allan Wolf

Richard E. Nelson Chair in Local Government Law; Professor

 • Hearald Tribune,August 31, 2006. Quoted in a stroy about an adult club Sarasota County fighting the Bert J. Harris Jr. Private Property Rights Protection Act and that could end setting a stage legal precedent in the process.