Career Spotlight: Richard D. Anderson (JD 90), Senior Vice President & General Counsel, PGA Tour

Published: October 30th, 2006

Category: Feature

How did you come to concentrate on business law?Richard Anderson

During law school, I thought I wanted to be a litigator. It wasn’t until my first summer clerkship that I learned business lawyers were not just drafters, but integrally involved in structuring and negotiating deals. That was very appealing to me.


How have you been able to influence the direction of your company?

Fortunately, lawyers in this company are wellthought of and function as integral members of each business unit. We constantly influence the direction of our company by providing input on a broad spectrum of issues in their earliest stages. Perhaps for this reason, we have an incredibly small amount of litigation for a company our size.

How are your duties and responsibilities different from what you anticipated?

I was originally hired as the TOUR’s intellectual property counsel and my duties expanded beyond that title within the first two years. The biggest surprise and one of the duties I find most enjoyable is the facilitation of internal company relations. We have many disparate groups (such as competitions, player relations, public relations/communications, television, marketing, etc.) that must function collectively, but often their interests are not aligned. I help find common ground.