Scholarship & Activities

Published: October 30th, 2006

Category: Students

Alyson Flournoy

Professor; Director of Environmental and Land Use Law Program; UF Research Foundation Professor

• Received $17,500 SNRE seed-funding grant for her proposal, “Next Generation Environmental Law: Incorporating Experience, Science, and Technology to Develop Sustainable Environmental Laws.” The purpose of the grant is to facilitate the development of a major grant proposal through support of preliminary research and organizing a symposium at UF.

Thomas Hurst

Professor; Sam T. Dell Research Scholar

• Presented paper, “Hedge Funds: The Need for Further Regulation” at the Cambridge Symposium on Economic Crime at Jesus College, Cambridge, England.

Michelle S. Jacobs


• Published article “Loyalty’s Reward—A Felony Conviction: Recent Prosecutions of High-Status Female Offenders,” 33 Fordham Urban L. J. 843 (March 2006).

Robert C.L. Moffat

Professor; Affiliate Professor of Philosophy

• Published “How Can Law Pave the Road to Perpetual Peace? What Law Does and What Law Does Well,” in Kant and the Problems of the Contemporary World (Justyna Miklaszewska ed.) Krakow, Poland: The Jagiellonian University Press, (2006).

Barbara Bennett Woodhouse

David H. Levin Chair in Family Law; Professor; Director, Center on Children and Families and Family Law Certificate Program; Co-Director, Institute for Child and Adolescent Research and Evaluation (ICARE)

• Took part in a roundtable of experts from a wide range of disciplines convened by Rutgers University in New Jersey to debate the “Future of Childhood Studies.”

In the News

George R. “Bob” Dekle

Legal Skills Professor; Director, Criminal Law Clinic-Prosecution

St. Petersburg Times, Oct. 20. Quoted in an article about the numerous measures attorneys like those representing alleged cop killer Alfredie Steele Jr. go through to effectively represent their client.

Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky

Professor, UF Research Foundation Professor

Long Island Business News, Oct. 20. Quoted in an article about the first plaintiff, Atlanta attorney Rafe Banks, awarded damages in a libel suit against a blogger.

Lawyers USA, Oct. 23. Quoted in an article about the increasing amount of libel lawsuits brought against bloggers. Oct. 11. Quotes in an article about the $11.3 million in damages awarded to a Florida woman who filed a libel suit against a Louisiana woman who posted defamatory comments on a blog.

Diane H. Mazur

Professor, Oct. 23. Commented on U.S. General Caldwell’s statements, which implied that the recent rise in Iraqi insurgent violence was linked to midterm elections. She said the statements crossed over the line into political partisanship.

United Press International, Oct. 23. Quoted in a story on comments by Brig. Gen. William Caldwell, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad, who said one reason why violence in Iraq is up was the midterm elections, Mazur said, “In my opinion, Gen. Caldwell’s statement crosses over the line into political partisanship.”

Jon L. Mills

Professor, Director of Center for Governmental Responsibility

Orlando Sentinel, Oct. 2. Quoted in a story about possible illegality of proposed amendments to Seminole County’s constitution, which have come under criticism, even from members of the commission that drafted them.

Christopher Slobogin

Stephen C. O’Connell Chair; Affiliate Professor of Psychiatry

St. Petersburg Times, Oct. 24. Quoted in story on Danny Rolling, he said his execution should not dissipate concerns over the major flaws in the system. “It’s going to continue as business as usual with very few executions, partly because … there are legitimate concerns about who deserves to be put to death.”