Students’ Analysis of Proposed Constitutional Amendments Online

Published: October 30th, 2006

Category: News

Ben OvertonA group of Levin College of Law students under the direction of former Florida Supreme Court Justice Ben F. Overton has prepared an analysis of six proposed amendments to the state’s constitution and made the results of their work available online.

The 26-page presentation is available through a link on the college’s website,

The 16 students are enrolled in the Florida Constitutional Law Seminar course taught by Overton, who retired as chief justice after 25 years on the state’s highest court and is now an adjunct professor at the law school.

The document is intended by the student authors as a non-partisan and objective presentation of the materials, and includes:

• Title of each amendment as it appears on the ballot

• Present constitutional provisions affected

• Ballot summary

• Full text of the proposed amendments

• Sponsors of the legislative or initiative process

• Brief commentary on each proposed amendment

• Notable supporters and opponents

“We have compiled a great resource for the law school and the citizens of Florida,” said Will Sexton, a third year law student and the project’s student editor.

“Our project will hopefully help to explain the complex and, at times, confusing Amendments that will appear on the November 7th ballot.”