UF Law Honor Committee Congratulates New Members

Published: October 30th, 2006

Category: News Briefs

The Levin College of Law Honor Committee would like to congratulate its newest members: Gloria Bowens (2L), Kay Lennon (2L), Paul Lewis (3L), Patrick Farrah (1L), and David Karp (1L).

The current executive board of the committee consists of Bryon Carroll, chairman; Christine Garcia, vice-chair; Todd Rich, communications director; and Hema Persad, secretary. The student members of the committee include Lauren Cooney, Andre Hammel, Susan Warner, Tashiba Robinson, Jessica Lillesand, Adam Josephs, and Jordan Evert.

The faculty advisors are Teresa J. Reid Rambo, senior legal skills professor; Margaret Temple-Smith, senior legal skills professor; and Rachel E. Inman, associate dean for students.

For more information on the Honor Committee visit its website: http://www.law.ufl.edu/students/honorcommittee/