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Published: November 27th, 2006

Category: Students

Number of Employers

The number of employers conducting interviews on the UF Law campus climbed to 157 this year, and an additional 32 employers collected resumes. Last year, 153 employers were on campus, with another 43 collecting resumes. That’s a significant jump from just two years ago when 140 employers interviewed on campus and 22 collected resumes in the Fall 2004 semester.

Fall OCI began Aug. 22, the week before classes began. All interviews were conducted in the library study rooms. The visiting employers included 11 government agencies, three accounting firms, 138 private law firms, and the civilian division of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

The Florida areas recruited for included:

• 45 from Central Florida (Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando, Daytona area)

• 16 from Northeast Florida (Jacksonville area)

• Four from West Florida (Tallahassee & Panhandle)

• Seven from Southwest Florida (Ft. Meyers, Naples, Sarasota areas)

• 34 SE Florida (West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami areas)

The out-of-state cities and states included:

• 13 from Atlanta, GA.

• 6 from Washington, D.C.

• States included: Virginia, Alabama, Arizona, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, New York, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Massachusetts

What did the Employers Have to Say?

• “The students were exceptional.”

• “Quality of students fabulous. Good resumes, good interview skills. Very bright-Well Done!”

• “Students need to be more selective in the interviews they seek. Several had no idea of our practice areas and were not interested once we told them during the interview.”

Is Spring OCI the Same?

No. While the process is the same, a different segment of legal employers tend to interview in spring. Traditionally we host more small and medium-sized law firms, rather than the large firms who visit in the fall. Also, more state government employers interview in the spring.

It is important for all students to carefully review the list of employers and their stated hiring criteria before deciding to opt out of OCI.

When is Spring OCI?

Spring OCI interviews will run from Feb. 27 through March 30, except for the week of Spring Break and the week after.

Phase 1 bids for Spring 2007 OCI are open from Jan. 23 until Jan. 29 at noon. It does not matter whether you bid on the first or last day of bidding as there is no priority system within a particular bid phase. Bidding for employers will end at noon on the closing day and the computer system will not accept late bids. Dates for remaining phases are available both on Symplicityand the CCS website.

What do I need to do?

To be sure you are prepared to “bid” (submit your resume for consideration by a scheduled employer) you must:

• Have a signed 2006 Policy & Procedure Form on file in the CCS

• Upload your resume into Symplicity

• Update your class year (1L, 2L, 3L) and graduation date

• Attend a Symplicity Training in early January