‘Corporate Jets’ Win Bragging Rights in Kickball Tourney

Published: November 20th, 2006

Category: News Briefs

Kickball Tourney

It was a beautiful fall afternoon Friday, Nov. 10, when four law school teams met on the field of battle to establish their dominance in the sport of kings — kickball.

This semiannual battle of the brawn, held at the S.W. Recreation Center fields, slated the “Testatritts” (Professor Lee-ford Tritt’s Estates & Trusts class) against the “Corporate Jets” (Professor Michael Siebecker’s Corporations class, pictured above), and the Tritt All-Stars (alumni from Professor Tritt’s former classes) against the Siebecker All-Stars (alumni from Professor Siebecker’s former classes).

In addition to the large number of students who turned out to play for their respective teams, the bleachers were packed to capacity with fans. All in all, over 100 students turned-out to watchlaw school history in the making.

After an action-packed nine innings of play, Corporate Jets Co-captains Ben Stetler and Alexandra Mora led their classmates to a sound victory over the Testatritts, who were co-captainedby Jorja Williams and Kyle Jacobs. On the other field, however, the Tritt All-Stars’ Co-captains Laura Post and Adam Spunberg rallied there team to victory over the Siebecker All-Stars, co-captained by Dina Finkel and Matt Klotshche.

Although slightly bruised, bloodied and battered, all had great fun and celebrated together afterwards at a local establishment.

Lee-ford Tritt