Historic Preservation Enhances Florida

Published: November 13th, 2006

Category: News

Historic Preservation Historic preservation enhances the quality of life of Floridians through economic and cultural contributions to an improved sense of place, according to a new study from the Center for Governmental Responsibility at the Levin College of Law and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, both at the University of Florida.

“Determining a specific dollar value for quality of life is a challenging undertaking,” said project co-director Timothy McLendon, staff attorney at the Center for Governmental Responsibility. “Therefore, we offered local decision makers a number of options for protecting historically valuable assets that contribute to the community.”

The report includes models and tools available to further historic preservation in Florida and to measure the impact of historical structures, events and related activities on the enhancement of the quality of life in Florida.

“We’re excited to have this wonderful study to confirm that along with the ecomic impacts that result from historic preservation, the quality of life is indeed improved as well,” said Caroline Tharpe Weiss, executive director of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, which provided key support for the study.