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Published: November 20th, 2006

Category: Students

Stuart R. Cohn
Stuart Cohn



Associate Dean for International Studies; Professor; Gerald A. Sohn Scholar; Director of International and Comparative Law
Certificate Program

• His revised two-volume treatise, Securities Counseling for Small and Emerging Companies, has just been published by Thomson/West.

• Appointed the Florida Liaison to the American Bar Association’s Business Law’s Committee on Corporate Laws.

Winston Nagan

Winston Nagan




Professor; Samuel T. Dell Research Scholar; Director, Institute of Human Rights and Peace Development

• Appointed as an acting judge on the High Court of South Africa, a court of law which, when constituted in 1994, inherited the jurisdiction of the provincial and local divisions of the Supreme Court of South Africa that was formally abolished following the postapartheid settlement.


Barbara Bennett Woodhouse

Barbara Woodhouse




David H. Levin Chair; Director, Center on Children and Families and Family Law Certificate Program; Co-Director, Institute for Child and Adolescent Research and Evaluation (ICARE)

• Co-convened a conference (with Nancy Dowd) called “Bridges to Excellence”, gathering leaders of the major child advocacy centers around the country to discuss multidisciplinary methods.

• Presented at the Askew Institute Conference on “Abuse and Neglect: Building Partnerships to Meet Children’s Needs.”

Danaya C. Wright

Danaya Wright





• Inside UF, Nov. 14. Published column in “The Blog” on UF Senate Policy Councils, through which, she wrote, the Senate takes a proactive role in policy changes and guards the acdemic missionof UF. Wright currently serves as Faculty Senate Chair.

In the News

Meredith Fensom

Meredith Fensom




Director, Law & Policy in the Americas Program

Florida Trend, November. The 2006 Latin America Business Environment Report that she and UF Professor Terry McCoy, director of the Latin American Business Environment Program, published in September was cited in the magazine’s cover story. 

Michael Allan Wolf

Michael Allan Wolf




Professor, Richard E. Nelson Chair in Local Government Law

Daytona Beach News-Journal,  Nov. 9. Quoted in story on building height limits imposed by voters in two Volusia County cities,Ormond Beach and Edgewater. Wolf called it a classic illustration of why regional planning is needed in Florida. “This is not textbook land-use planning … this is what we call referendum zoning, when people vote to place regulation on newcomers,” he said.

• St. Petersburg Times , Nov. 12. Quoted in an articleon Amendment 8 to the Florida Constitution, which limits government’s ability to seize property for private development and passed overwhelmingly Nov. 7 with 69 percent of the vote. With the passage of the amendment, Florida homeowners now have more protections than almost any other state against eminent domain for private development. “This takes decisions away from the officials closestto the problems that are facing local governments. It’s unnecessary,” Wolf said.

Danaya C. Wright


Inside Higher ED, Nov. 9. Quoted in an article on her perspective of UF Pressident Bernie Machen’s Academic Enhancement Program that would charge students every semester and bring in more money without a technical raise in tuition. Wright currently serves as Faculty Senate Chair.

• Miami Herald, Nov. 11. In an article that once again looked at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences financial situation and Machen’s Academic Enhancement Plan, she said the problem had been known for years.