Scholarship & Activities

Published: November 13th, 2006

Category: Students

Mary Jane Angelo

Assistant Professor

• Published “Embracing Uncertainty, Complexity, and Change: An Eco-pragmatic Reinvention of a First-Generation Environmental Law,” 33 Ecology Law Quarterly 105 (2006). 

Linda Calvert Hanson

Assistant Dean for Career Services

• Published article, “The Law School Perspective of Small Firm Practice,” in the Fall 2006 issue of Link, a journal of the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Section of the Florida Bar.

Jeffrey Davis

Professor; Gerald A. Sohn Scholar

• Participated in panel discussion on the developments in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases in the year following the sweeping 2005 amendments to the bankruptcy code. The discussion was part of a day long seminar sponsored by the Jacksonville Bankruptcy Bar Association at the Sawgrass Marriott Hotel on Oct. 27.

Juan F. Perea

Cone Wagner Nugent Johnson. Hazouri and Roth Professor

• Named to the Research Committee of the American Association of Law Schools.

• Published his chapter, “Mi Profundo Azul: Why Latinos Have a Right to Sing the Blues” in Colored Men and ” Hombres Aqui”: Hernandez v. Texas and the Emergence of Mexican-American Lawyering (M. Olivas, ed. 2006).

• Delivered two presentations, on the role of constitutional courts in Latin America and the United States at UF, and on “Straightening the Forked Paths,” about Section 5 of the 14th Amendment at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Christopher Slobogin

Stephen C. O’Connell Chair

• Conducted workshop on “Race and Class-Based Exceptions to the Fourth Amendment” at the “Shaking the Foundations” conference at Stanford Law School.

• Spoke on “Public Cameria Surveillance and the Right to Public Anonymity” at a Nov. 3 conference entitled “Unblinking: Visual Privacy” at Berkeley Law School.


Thomas T. Ankersen

Director, CGR Conservation Clinic and Costa Rica Law Program; Legal Skills Professor

St. Petersburg Times, Oct. 30. Quoted in an article about possible reasons and solutions for the large amount of abandoned boats cluttering the coastline. 

Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky

Professor; UF Research Foundation Professor; Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Minnesota Lawyer, Oct. 30; St. Louis Daily Record, Oct. 28; The Legal Ledger, Nov. 2. Reprint of an article about the first plaintiff, Atlanta attorney Rafe Banks, awarded damages in a libel suit against a blogger that originally appeared in Long Island Business News.

Joseph W. Little

Professor, Alumni Research Scholar

Drug War Chronicle, Oct. 27. Quoted in article about a possibly illegal law in Bradenton that allows police to seize assets of arrested persons. 

Pedro M. Malavet


The Ledger, NOv. 6. Quoted in article about the distraction laptops create for students and professors’ increasing disapproval of laptops in the classroom.

 Jon L. Mills

Professor, Director of Center for Governmental Responsibility

• Olando Sentinel, Nov. 3 In an article that questioned the heated publicly financed campaigns promoting or opposing proposed charter amendments in Seminole and Volusia counties, he explained why they were “a legitimate use of tax dollars.”

Christopher L. Peterson,

Associate Professor

The Gainesville Sun, NOv. 4. Article on federal legislation that capped payday lending interest rates for military personnel, which was influenced by the research co-authored by Peterson.

Christopher Slobogin

Stephen C. O’Connell Chair

• National Public Radio, Oct. 23. Guest on an hourlong radio show about the Florida death penalty with ABA President Karen Mathis.