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Published: September 24th, 2007

Category: News Briefs

Michael SeigelMichael L. Seigel

  • The Deal, Sept. 19. Quoted in article on a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on legislation that would limit federal prosecutors’ ability to pressure cooperation from companies under investigation for corporate fraud. The legislation would bar prosecutors from weighing a company’s willingness to waive its right to confidential communication with its lawyers when deciding to bring charges. “Privilege is actually the exception, not the rule,” said Seigel, one of two law professors whose testimony discouraged legislative action. “The rule is that the government, acting on behalf of the people, is entitled to ‘every man’s evidence’ when attempting to uncover the truth.” Read more online in the story reported by The Deal.

Christopher SloboginChristopher Slobogin
Stephen C. O’Connell Chair; Affiliate Professor of Psychiatry; Adjunct Professor, University of South Florida Mental Health Institute; Associate Director, Center for Children and Families

  • The Gainesville Sun, Sept. 16. Published an op-ed on the Fourth Amendment and how the Supreme Court’s eagerness to narrow the scope of it has weakened what it is meant to stand for. “For two centuries, the courts have construed this language to mean that, outside of emergency situations, police who want to conduct a search must usually convince a judge that their investigative action is likely to produce evidence of wrongdoing,” Slobogin wrote. “Unfortunately, in the past three decades the U.S. Supreme Court has vastly reduced that security through a series of rulings interpreting the word ‘search’ for Fourth Amendment purposes.” To read a full transcript of the article, go to: http://www.law.ufl.edu/news/pdf/constitutionday_2007_oped.pdf.

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