Career Services: More Than 90 percent of Class of 2006 Employed at National Median Salary of $62,000

Published: October 29th, 2007

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The National Association for Legal Career Professionals (NALP) publication, Jobs & JD’s, Class of 2006 analyzed employment data submitted for almost 44,000 law school graduates six to nine months following their graduation from 195 ABA-Accredited Law Schools between Aug. 31, 2005 and Sept. 1, 2006. This invaluable resource shows that 90.7% of the Class of 2006 was employed as of Feb. 15, 2007, while UF Law’s NALP employment rate was 91.7 percent. The employment status by region and state of the law school shows that of the 2,195 law students who graduated in Florida, 87.6 percent were employed.

The report also shows that Florida ranked first in terms of the number of entry-level legal positions gained within state government. Not surprisingly, Washington, D.C. ranked highest of the geographic areas with the largest number of graduates being employed at the federal level.

A look at the employed graduates by salary reveals that the national median salary for all types of jobs was $62,000. While UF Law was higher than the national median for all types of jobs, at $66,291, it was lower in its largest employer type. UF graduates employed in private practice constituted 56% of those employed and they reported a median salary of $80,000. This difference is attributable to the size of the law firm as can be seen below. Florida has fewer of the large law firms and UF Law has fewer graduates at the largest of law firms.

The statistics showing the type of employer and salary by type of employer for the class of 2006, reveals that:

(%) Type of employer National median salary
55.8% private practice $95,000
14.2% business and industry $65,000
11.7% government or military $48,000
9.8% judicial clerkships $46,450
5.4% public interest $40,000
1.7% academic jobs $45,000

Of those graduates employed in private practice, the salaries vary vastly depending upon the size of the firm as demonstrated below.

Number of lawyers % of law firm employers by size National median salary
2-10 17.8 $50,000
11-25 5.4 $62,000
26-50 3.6 $73,000
51-100 3.1 $85,000
101-250 4.7 $105,000
251-500 4.7 $125,000
500+ 11.0 $135,000

An additional list is the mean starting salaries by city for law firm jobs taken by recent graduates in Florida including:

Starting Salary City
$90,167 Naples
$85,599 Miami
$83,240 West Palm Beach
$77,757 Tampa
$75,000 Coral Gables
$70,320 Jacksonville
$69,493 Orlando
$68,333 Boca Raton
$67,482 Fort Lauderdale
$67,250 Sarasota
$66,500 St. Petersburg
$63,545 Tallahassee
$63,173 Hollywood
$62,000 Clearwater
$60,833 Pensacola
$57,800 Daytona Beach
$56,600 Ocala
$55,000 Plantation
$54,400 Coral Springs
$54,000 Lakeland

The mean entry-level salary for Atlanta firms was $100,075 and for Washington, D.C. $125, 442. Stop by the CCS to review Jobs & JD’s, Class of 2006 or for assistance with formulating your job search strategy.

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