Florida’s Democratic Primary and No-Fault Auto Coverage Among Media Topics Discussed by Faculty

Published: October 15th, 2007

Category: News

Michael SeigelThe New York Times called on Professor Michael Seigel (pictured left) last week for a story on the dismissal of a case against a former federal prosecutor who was charged for having sex with a 5-year-old girl in Michigan after he committed suicide in his prison cell. “They have no choice,” said Seigel, adding that case dismissal is standard procedure when a defendant dies, even after conviction if the defendant has not exhausted his appeals. “We don’t charge people in absentia in this country. You can’t prosecute somebody who’s not, in effect, there to defend himself.” Dean Robert Jerry appeared live on WCJB-Channel 20 to discuss Personal Injury Protection coverage, which the Florida Legislature sought to re-enact, and Center for Governmental Responsibility Director Jon Mills was interviewed on WRUF regarding the National Democratic Party’s stated intention to not count Florida’s votes in the primary due to their accelerated primary date. Read what UF Law professors are saying in the media and writing about in scholarly publications in FlaLaw Online’s weekly updates on Faculty Scholarship & Activities.

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