Career Spotlight: Juliet M. Roulhac

Published: November 12th, 2007

Category: News

Juliet RoulhacWhen it comes to UF Law alums powering up the legal profession all across the state, Juliet M. Roulhac (JD 87) is leading the charge as one of Florida Power and Light’s senior attorneys.

Roulhac, who serves both on the UF Law Board of Trustees and The Florida Bar’s Board of Governors, has been with the General Counsel’s Office of FPL for the past eight years. She was an active student while in law school, taking part in moot court competitions, and was a leader in the Black Law Students Association.

“Being on the moot court really allowed me to think on my feet and build confidence, which worked out well because the experience led me into something I would eventually do,” she said. “Without the experience I may have never realized how much I love litigation.”

UF Law’s support of the Black Law Students Association while Roulhac was in school really made a difference in her leadership development, she said.

“The law school was always very supportive of sending BLSA members to represent UF Law at moot court competitions around the country,” Roulhac said. “I interacted with amazing lawyers nationally and statewide, and I really appreciated the law school’s support.”

In 2002, Roulhac took the leadership experiences she gained in law school to become the first African American to be president of the Young Lawyers Division of the Florida Bar. The experience was tremendous, she said.

“One of the greatest benefits is that you’re affiliated with leaders of the bar and future leaders of the bar,” Roulhac said. “Whatever legal issues I have around the state, I can call someone in every circuit due to the relationships I have built through the experience.”

Although she specializes in litigation with FPL, there’s never a dull moment around the Miami office, especially when a hurricane comes through the state.

“When an emergency situation occurs, that’s when the real team mentality of FPL kicks in because everyone is expected to pitch in and help each other, no matter their role,” she said. “The biggest thing is when everything shuts down around the office; it has a major impact on the General Counsel’s Office because most employees are out on storm duty.”

Roulhac says the daily challenges of having to work with diverse kinds of cases makes her job at FPL very appealing.

“There’s a great diversity in the types of matters we deal with in the office,” she said. “When I got here I had to learn about electrical engineering, which is something I found to be very exciting.”

For current students who want to get involved with corporate law or a general counsel’s office, Roulhac says knowing your client and developing relationships are most important.

“My advice is that you develop client relationships, and understand the business,” she said. “The reality is that anything you do may impact the organization.”