Statutory Slayers Knock Out the Corporate Kickbacks 7-4 in Law School’s Annual Kickball Tourney

Published: November 19th, 2007

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Exams may be right around the corner, but for some law students a rivalry on the softball field took precedence over competition in the classroom. Second-year law students enrolled in Professor Lee-ford Tritt’s Estates and Trusts or Professor Michael Siebecker’s Corporations class spent their Friday afternoon testing their skills in the 5th Annual Kickball Tournament held on the softball field at Southwest Recreation Center on Nov. 9.

Tritt, coach of the Statutory Slayers, was in true fashion in black face paint, whistle hanging from his neck, cold beverage in-hand, as he imparted words of wisdom for his team. Boosted by last year’s win, Siebecker’s team, Corporate Kickbacks, exuded a quiet confidence that had everyone wondering who would reign as kickball champions for the 2007-2008 school year.

Serving as the neutral party and referee, Associate Dean for Students Rachel Inman blew her whistle and the Statutory Slayers grabbed their bats to start the game. Jason Pill was the first player on base and with the second kick of the game, Pill ran across home plate to bring in the Statutory Slayers’ first run.

“This is the first time in history we have taken the lead,” Tritt shouted to his team while running back and forth between the on-deck circle and home plate. “Keep ‘em coming.”

With the Statutory Slayers taking the early 4-0 lead, Siebecker felt the frustration and accused Tritt’s team of cheating. Both benches emptied and Dean Inman ended the ruckus with a stern blow of the whistle to continue play.

This strategy seemed to fire up the Corporate Kickbacks as they quickly narrowed the lead to 4-3 in the middle of the game. A motivational pep talk from Tritt was all his team needed to regain the momentum. The Statutory Slayers scored three more runs to seal the win and regain the title.

Aside from bragging rights and a jovial professor during exams, the winning team also celebrated with wings and drinks at the expense of the losing coach Siebecker.

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