The Washington Post Calls on UF Law Professors Slobogin and Seigel for Expert Commentary

Published: November 26th, 2007

Category: News

UF Law Professors Christopher Slobogin and Mike Seigel each made appearances in the pages of The Washington Post recently. Slobogin and his newly published book, Privacy at Risk, were mentioned in the Nov. 16 article, “The Picture Of Conformity In a Watched Society, More Security Comes With Tempered Actions,” which included the following passage from his book: “Anonymity in public promotes freedom of action and an open society. Lack of public anonymity promotes conformity and an oppressive society.” Seigel was quoted in an article discussing the recent release of Arthur Bremer (pictured above), who in 1972 shot and paralyzed Democratic presidential candidate Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace in Laurel, Md. “In general, there is an odd element of nostalgia that is attached to these crimes, especially for baby boomers,” Seigel says. “It may be odd, but I do think that for many of us, it brings back memories of where we were, and what we were doing and how these events impacted our lives.” Read what UF Law professors are saying in the media and writing about in scholarly publications in FlaLaw Online’s weekly updates on Faculty Scholarship & Activities.