Wolf Discusses Legal Fallout From Deadly I-4 Pileup

Published: January 21st, 2008

Category: News

Michael Allan WolfUF Law Professor Michael Allan Wolf (pictured left) recently spoke to the Orlando Sentinel regarding the various legal issues that will arise after a slew of lawsuits in connection with the I-4 pileup that took the lives of four people and injured many others. Wolf said the Florida Legislature reviews claims on a case-by-case basis and is under no obligation to approve them. “There’s no guarantee that . . . [a lawsuit] is going to work with the jury,” Wolf said, offering his professional opinion. “And then there’s no guarantee the Legislature will decide to fund it with a payment to exceed the maximum” of $200,000 under the law. “If you’re a plaintiff’s attorney, they’re going to argue there were 10 accidents,” Wolf said. “The state will argue it was one big accident.” Keep up with what UF Law faculty are saying in the media and writing about in scholarly publications in FlaLaw Online’s weekly updates on Faculty Scholarship & Activities.