Career Spotlight: John G. White III

Published: February 25th, 2008

Category: Feature, News

John WhiteAs president-elect of The Florida Bar, John G. White III (JD 83) follows in the footsteps of 32 other University of Florida law grads in the association’s 58-year history who have been Bar presidents and is UF Law’s first president-elect since 1998. White will take over as Bar president in June 2008.

“It has been way too long,” said White, who is a shareholder in the firm Richman Greer in West Palm Beach. With the role of leading one of the largest bar associations in the country, White says he’s looking forward to the challenge of continuing to improve ethics and professionalism among the more than 80,000 lawyers in Florida.

“The Florida Bar spends more than $12 million on lawyer discipline every year,” White said. “We’re really trying to make it a more efficient disciplinary process.”

White wants to focus on educating attorneys when it comes to ethics, professionalism and diversity. He said The Florida Bar is exploring the possibility of creating mentoring projects similar to ones in other states.

“Right now we’re in the initial stages of looking into a professionalism program for new lawyers, which will also help encourage diversity,” White said.

White’s strong connection to UF has not faded since getting both his law and undergraduate degrees in Gainesville. He chose to attend UF Law because it’s an excellent school, he said.

“Choosing to go to UF Law was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” he said. “I really enjoyed my six-and-a-half years in Gainesville and obtained a great education there.”

One of the best things about having gone to UF Law is the fact that he can locate fellow UF colleagues anywhere he wants to get help or legal information, he said.

“I can pick up the phone and call Jacksonville, Pensacola, Tampa, Miami or Tallahassee and speak to an old friend from my days at UF Law,” he said. “It’s amazing that 10, 15 and 20 years later, the relationships from law school are still so strong.”