Music Law Conference Hits The Right Note With Musicians, Attorneys and Business Executives

Published: February 18th, 2008

Category: Events, News

Music Law ConferenceWhen Brian Mencher (JD 02) organized the inaugural Music Law Conference, he was just like any other law student trying to make a difference. After being rejected three times from UF Law, he made a promise to himself that he would graduate in the top 3 percent of his class and leave his mark with the school. Well, he accomplished both of these goals and set the foundation for one of the largest conferences held at the Levin College of Law.

The 6th Annual UF Music Law Conference, held on Feb. 16 in the Chesterfield Ceremonial classroom, explored 360 degrees of the music industry and how the music business is integrated with everything from film, television and changing technologies to music sharing and merchandising.

The Live Music Showcase hosted on Friday night at Side Bar gave everyone involved with the conference a chance to sit back and mingle with people from the industry while enjoying different genres of music.

The conference titled, “Music & Mixed Media,” was organized into five panels which focused on entertainment markets, ethics, protecting rights, new distribution and commercial markets. Two of the five past Music Law Conference directors served on these panels. Brian Frankel (JD 07) and Mencher discussed the entertainment markets and ethics involved with being a successful young lawyers in the business. Also attending the conference were past directors Jason Gordon (JD 04) and Andrew Kanter (JD 06). (Pictured below from left to right: Gerard Kardonsky, Brian Frankel, Andrew Kanter, Jason Gordon and Brian Mencher)Past Directors

Whether the panelists were attorneys, musicians or businesses executives, it was clear that their passion for protecting and creating music was the driving force. All of the panelists emphasized the importance of networking, establishing relationships and not being afraid to take chances.

“It’s the people you know who will get you the jobs,” said Frankel, who is an attorney working in D.C. and past director of the 2007 Music Law Conference. He emphasized the importance of location in the industry and getting involved with volunteering. Frankel said the most important piece of advice is to learn to barter with clients stating, “getting paid is not nearly as important as getting known.”

Director Gerard Kardonsky said he was very pleased with the turnout that attracted an excellent crowd from diverse backgrounds. “I am sure that everyone regardless of whether they are musicians, business owners, lawyers or students all left a little bit more prepared to deal with their futures in entertainment,” he said. “The panels where extremely stimulating and provocative this year.”

The director of Legal & Business Affairs for EMI Televisa Music, Oswaldo Rossi, served as the keynote speaker for this year’s conference. Nick Nanton, a UF Law graduated and award-winning songwriter also served as a panelist for “New Distribution.” Dean Robert Jerry, Associate Dean Kathie Price, Professor Andy Adkins, Dean Rachel Inman and Professor Elizabeth Rowe served as moderators for the panels.