UF Law Students Volunteer at Local Animal Sanctuary

Published: February 11th, 2008

Category: Events, News Briefs

Animal SanctuaryUF law students recently gave back to the community by spending their Saturday volunteering at Rooterville, a local animal sanctuary. Located in nearby Archer, Rooterville is home to nearly 100 pot-bellied pigs, most of which carry a similar history of abandonment and neglect. The sanctuary has other animals too, including a former farm pig that ironically had the good fortune of falling off a truck on the way to slaughter and wandering into the yard of a compassionate family who called upon Rooterville for help. Law students corralled animals for vaccinations, assisted with facility maintenance, and brushed the pigs, which, judging by their sounds and posture, was the animals’ favorite student contribution. Charles King, president of the Animal Law Association, says “in addition to the intrinsic rewards of volunteering, it was hard not to develop an increased awareness of the sentient characteristics these animals displayed. They showed us that they can be playful, thankful, and even mischievous. In this era of animal commoditization, our existing laws should be evaluated to recognize this and provide minimum standards of humane protection.”