Professor Christine Klein Discusses Recent Issues Facing St. Johns River and Who Can Use Its Water

Published: March 3rd, 2008

Category: News

Christine KleinUF Law Professor Christine Klein was quoted in an extensive article in the Florida Times-Union discussing the recent issues facing the St. Johns River and who is permitted to use the water. Klein said the issue of moving water from one place to another is new to Florida, but not to people in Western states, where an arid climate makes water shortages a constant threat to survival. There, water is piped hundreds of miles away, nothing like what’s being proposed here. But it’s never enough. “Although it might be an attractive short-term solution, it never seems to really satisfy long-term needs,” Klein said. “It doesn’t solve the underlying problem, which is growth and growing water consumption.” Keep up with what UF Law faculty are saying in the media and writing about in scholarly publications in FlaLaw Online’s weekly updates on Faculty Scholarship & Activities.