UF Trial Team Concludes Tryout Process With Final Four Competition Friday, Oct. 3

Published: September 29th, 2008

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UF Trial TeamThe University of Florida’s award-winning Trial Team will hold its biannual Final Four Competition at 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 3, in Bailey Courtroom.

Over 100 competitors began the tryout process early this fall semester. After an arduous 4-week tryout process, the following members were selected for their outstanding trial advocacy skills: Kendell Ali, Wayne Atkinson, Adam Darrow, Dana DiSano, Danae Dunkley, Kali Feinman, Aaron Kelley, Allison Kirkwood, Joel Medgebow, Gabriel Munoz-Calene, Kevin Sharbaugh, Jamie Stephens and Melissa Welsh.

The four highest scoring advocates from round three advance to the Final Four Competition and are placed into two teams to present a complete trial to the law school community. The Trial Team would like to congratulate the fall 2008 Final Four competitors Amanda Brus, Katrina Gavette, Joshua Lukman and Kara Wick.

Based on the cumulative scoring of the judges evaluating round three of the tryout process, top competitors are invited to join the team. Gavette and Lukman will be representing Susan Smith, plaintiff, and Wick and Brus will be representing Lighter Corporation, defendant.

Judge Stephen Mickle, the first African-American judge in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida and UF Law alumnus, will serve as the presiding judge at the event. The two teams compete for the title of “Best Overall Team” and one member is awarded “Best Overall Advocate” of the intramural competition.

Please show your support by coming to the Final Four Competition on Friday, Oct. 3 to watch these competitors in action. First year law students are strongly encouraged to attend this event. If you have any questions regarding the Final Four Competition, contact Nicole Webb at nwebb@ufl.edu.

Final Four Competitors

Gavette Katrina Gavette,
Lukman Joshua Lukman,
Wick Kara Wick,
Amanda Brus,