How to register for a law clinic

Published: October 27th, 2008

Category: Students

register for clinicThere are several requirements for students to be eligible to register for UF law clinics.

Law students who have completed 48 credit hours may be certified by the Florida Supreme Court to appear in court on behalf of an indigent person while under supervision of a lawyer in an ABA-approved law school practice program (clinic).

Effective this semester, to become certified with the Florida Supreme Court you must be registered with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE) as a certified legal intern registrant (or have already received your FBBE clearance letter). See Chapter 11: Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

It is crucial that you allow sufficient time for the mandatory FBBE “fitness and character screening” so that you receive your clearance letter from them prior to enrolling in clinics requiring CLI.

We recommend you submit your application to the Bar at least three to six months before you apply for one of the law school clinics (not required for Mediation or Conservation Clinic).

Clinic prep courses do not require the certification for registration, but you must be eligible by mid-semester of the prep course (Juvenile and Pro Se).

For more information about certification eligibility visit the clinics or attend the information session on Nov. 5 at noon in 180 HOL.

Clinic Calendar and Deadlines:
Oct. 27: Schedules and clinic applications available to students.
Nov. 5: Clinic information meeting at noon in 180 HOL – Pizza will be served.
Nov. 7: Clinic applications due in Student Affairs.

NOTE: Students will be notified after Nov.14 of their acceptance into a clinic and made an offer to accept within a certain amount of time. If they decline the offer will be made to the next person on the waiting list. Also, registration is department-controlled ( i.e., you may only register through Student Affairs based on the offer and you may only drop the clinic through Student Affairs).