Sedona E-Discovery conference Tuesday

Published: October 27th, 2008

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E-Discovery Evening

Ralph Losey (right), e-discovery author, joined Professor Bill Hamilton (left) in his e-discovery class Friday. (UF Law/ Joshua Lukman)

The Sedona “E-Discovery Evening” will address the changing world of e-discovery tomorrow, Oct. 28, 5-9 p.m. in the Chesterfield Smith Ceremonial Classroom (180 HOL).

Lawyers and information technology professionals alike are faced with legal issues regarding the management and storage of electronic information. This conference will feature a panel and audience collaborative discussion of current e-discovery issues. E-discovery writer and visionary Ken Withers will moderate the event. For more information, see the conference Web site,, which contains multiple links to information and handouts on the event and this important topic.

“The Levin College of Law is one of the first law schools in the nation to offer a course in what is being called ‘E-Discovery,’” said UF Law Dean Robert Jerry. “We’re very pleased that, thanks to Adjunct Professor Bill Hamilton, we are also now the first to co-sponsor a conference on the topic with the very well-respected Sedona Conference.”

Hamilton teaches the E-Discovery course at the law school, and helped set up a prestigious panel to discuss the changing world of e-discovery at the conference.

“The University of Florida should be very excited about its leadership in this area,” said Hamilton, who also serves as co-chair of Holland & Knight’s e-discovery team. “Other law schools have got to step up to the plate and teach electronic discovery because it’s a critical skill out there that judges are looking for. It’s almost a survival skill at this point. That’s why The Sedona Conference® has come here in recognition of Florida’s leadership in the e-discovery education world for students.”

The event is primarily for law students and faculty, but is also free and open to the public. There is still space available at the conference and those attending from outside the University of Florida should RSVP to or 813-227-6480.

To read more about the E-Discovery Evening and The Sedona Conference®, see