Sherman discusses family law mediation with UF law students

Published: October 13th, 2008

Category: Events, News Briefs

Lorraine ShermanLorraine H. Sherman (JD 98) visited UF on Oct. 10 to discuss her experiences as a family law practitioner. In divorces, Sherman said, children are the “big, big losers.” As a child of a custodial parent who fought bitterly to restrict the other parent’s access to her, she has seen the powerful and far-reaching effects of a bitter separation and angry parents on a child. Fortunately, the courts are now seeing a shift from a hardened, adversarial system to a softer, more cooperative system thanks to new Florida statutes effective this fall. She provided each member of the audience with a copy of the old Florida statutes, as well as the new statutes. The new statutes dispose of the language of “visitation” and “custody” and instead focus on parenting plans and reasonable time-sharing. The goal of family law mediation or litigation, she explained, is to provide parents with the future ability to effectively communicate and co-parent independent of court intervention.