Grad tax speaker talks about criminal tax

Published: November 24th, 2008

Category: Events, News Briefs

Larry A. CampagnaHouston-based white-collar crime and tax attorney Larry A. Campagna, well-known for winning the largest-ever settlement for wrongful disclosure of tax return information in Johnson v. Sawyer, presented “When Special Agents Come Calling,” to UF law students on Nov. 21. In his presentation, Campagna guided his audience through a Powerpoint tour of the stages of a suspected criminal tax fraud case, from the first signs of a government investigation to the ongoing role of an attorney as advisor, counselor, and advocate of the client. He explained the complexity of defending such cases, as attorneys must also act as investigators to retrace the chain of professional dealings, personal associations, and the endless paper trail of their client. Citing examples from his own experiences as a tax fraud defense attorney, Campagna emphasized the importance of meticulous lawyering in defending such cases, as well as maintaining the highest of professional and ethical standards.