Remembering Catherine Barclift and Eric Gold

Published: November 10th, 2008

Category: News Briefs

RemembranceLast week marked the one-year anniversary of the passing of Catherine Barclift, class of 2010. On the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 5, one year from the day of the tragic accident, nine close friends and classmates honored Catherine by running the route that she had been running in preparation for a marathon. They ended at the intersection of 34th Street and Radio Road, and joined by two others, had a small memorial. The students placed a flowered cross and had a moment of silence for Catherine. Later that evening, seven students returned with Professor Teresa Rambo, and painted the wall to read “Forever in our Hearts, Catherine Barclift 1985-2007.”

“She inspired us. In her life and her death she brought us together,” close friend Donna Vincent said. “And I know she lives on through us. Remembering her is honoring her, and we will never forget.”

Also, Randy Gold honored his son Eric Gold, a class of 2009 law student, who passed away on Jan. 20 this year. Last year Randy Gold participated in the “Hustle Up the Hancock” in Chicago, climbing all 94 flights of the Hancock Building. Eric Gold had participated in 2005-2007. This is a fundraiser for the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago, a group dedicated to raising money for respiratory disease research and treatment. He will participate again on Feb. 25, 2009. For anyone interested in more information or donating to this cause, visit Randy Gold’s personal fundraising Web site.