MEN v. VIOLENCE: A case worth the fight

Published: April 6th, 2009

Category: News

This week, MEN v. VIOLENCE: A case worth the fight will be taking place on the law school campus. The event will consist of:

INFORMATION TABLE Beginning today, Monday, April 6, and running through Thursday, April 9, there will be a table in the courtyard. The table will include Information about domestic violence/violence against women, statistics, interactive activities, movies, and the t-shirts described below.

CLOTHESLINE PROJECT: Come by the table and decorate a t-shirt for display around the campus. Each decorated t-shirt will be in recognition of someone (you, a friend, family member, anyone in your life) that has been affected by domestic violence, violence against women, or any unhealthy relationship. Together, the decorated t-shirts will create a visual display of how domestic violence affects our law school community.

MALE PLEDGE & WHITE RIBBON: We will also be asking the men on campus to sign a pledge against violence against women and to wear a white ribbon in recognition of their pledge. This is an attempt to promote the idea that violence against women is a male issue. As such, the resistance against violence against women needs to start with men. By signing the pledge, men show their personal resistance in opposition of violence against women. Our hope is that every male student, professor, administrator, and employee linked to the law school campus will sign the pledge.

PANEL DISCUSSION/PRESENTATION: The event will culminate in a panel discussion about violence against women. Teresa Drake, assitant state attorney, will speak about the legal aspects and issues surrounding violence against women and Anna Guest-Jelley, the director of the Violence Prevention Program at Peaceful Paths, will speak about domestic violence prevention. This will take place on Thursday, April 9, at 1 p.m. in 382 HOL. Free lunch will be served.

Finally, we want to emphasize that this event is meant to raise awareness about violence against women, to showcase the silent effect these issues have on almost everyone, and to encourage solutions to the problem. It is not meant to target anyone nor to compel anyone to participate against their will. Participants do not have to disclose any identifying information.

We are aware that our program may affect individuals in different ways. It may especially hit home for individuals who have been involved in or witness to a violent situation. Therefore, we will have names and resources for anyone who may wish to discuss anything or to seek outside assistance. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Aaron Kelley at or Kara Wick at We are looking forward to your participation as, together, men and women take steps against violence.