Students celebrated for pro bono work and community service

Published: April 20th, 2009

Category: News

Law students who showed their dedication to serving others were honored at the pro bono and community service awards ceremony Thursday.

The ceremony recognized the law school students who have excelled in serving their community. The students who were honored dedicated at least 35 hours in their respective programs.

“We are here today celebrating you,” said Kristen Bryant, assistant director for Career Services and pro bono and community service project coordinator, as she opened the ceremony. “You all have achieved amazing things throughout the course of your law school career, along with the number of hours that you have been able to accumulate.”

Bryant gave the floor to Dean Robert Jerry who congratulated the students on their accomplishments and for the service they provided.

“One of the things, which we want to project about our law school, is that you come to the University of Florida not only to prepare yourself to be a confident and skilled first-rate professional lawyer, but also to be a great citizen and a leader,” he said. “What you are doing, I think, is one of the best examples of the values that we hope all Florida graduates take away from here and make an important part of their careers.”

To give the attendees some prospective on what contributing students have accomplished, in terms of volunteer hours, Bryant shared the amount of hours each graduating class has accumulated. The graduating class of 2011 completed 224 community hours and 706 pro bono hours for a total of 930 volunteer hours. The class of 2010, completed over 1,000 community service hours 5,433 pro bono hours for a total of nearly 6,500 volunteer hours. The class of 2009, completed over 1,000 community service over 8,000 pro bono hours total, for a total volunteer hours of 9,087.

Kathanna Culp was named the Student of the Year for completing the most volunteer hours, over 250.

Culp, the former president of the Association for Public Interest Law, earned the majority of her pro bono hours at ACLU in Atlanta, but also worked at the Center for Children & Families, Three Rivers Legal Services.

Other students honored at the brunch include, Renee Allen, William Bagwell, Heather Bernstein, Lisa Boyd, Alyssa Camper, Patricia Carbone, Tariq Chaudhri, Tabitha Chookolingo, Christine Covington, Timothy Corwin, Sara Dahod, Paul Darby, Megan Davis, Dina El-Salhy, Tobi Epstein, Jennifer Frazier, Cristina Fernandez, Mitchell Goldberg, Amanda Harrell, Han Huang, Jonathan Huth, Alexander Karden , Marcela Lozano, Susan Malove, Elizabeth Manno, Joshua Marks, Angela Marino, Keri McGovern, Hector Melendez Jr., Maxwell Minch, Nicole Mouakar, Martina Nethery, Natalie A. Peters, David Plotke, Troy Pratten, Jee Min Rhee, Belinda Rivera, Michael Roark, Clint Roberson, Kristianna Rodriquez, Lindsay Ruiz Bash, Sahily Serradet, Dena Setzer, Jessica Shapiro, Erin Simendinger ,William Spicola, Brandon Stelck, Scott Stengel, Alejandra Taboada, Stephanie Toledo, Matthew Edward Tiffany, Le Tsang, Debra Valsamis, Michael Vater, Christian Vogel, Jana Wasserman, Patrick Wheeler, Jeffrey Wilson, Cynthia Winter, Kimberley Wright and Mary Zewalk.