Law student volunteers clean up midtown Gainesville

Published: March 1st, 2010

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By three a.m. on a Saturday morning, most students have usually left Midtown, either to make their way back home or in search for more fun. But much of their trash is left behind, whether it’s discarded armbands, paper plates, or other various pieces of refuse. This past weekend, UF Law students partnered with Keep Alachua County Beautiful to try to make a dent in the accumulated trash and to make Midtown a little more beautiful.

The students weren’t alone in their attempt to better their community. The project was just one of eleven, as all of the law schools in Florida created opportunities to give back. The project was organized by UF Law’s chapter of The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Law Student Division, along with the local Florida Bar affiliate. The event was titled, “Raising the Bar: Florida’s Legal Community Service Day.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the Midtown area of Gainesville, it’s home to some of the most popular bars in Gainesville, and is right across from main campus. Unsurprisingly, the popularity of these bars has also created a thriving business for any eateries that stay open late, serving pizza and sandwiches on paper plates and wax paper. The combination results in more than a little bit of litter scattered around, meaning that there was plenty of work for the volunteers.

The trash ranged from hundreds of cigarette butts and bottle caps to a pizza box, complete with unsavory contents. By the end, ten trash bags were full of trash picked up from about five or six blocks.