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Published: April 5th, 2010

Category: News

Fletcher Baldwin
Emeritus Professor and past recipient of the Chesterfield Smith Professorship; Director of UF Center for International Financial Crimes Studies; Honorary Fellow, Society for Advanced Legal Studies, University of London

  • “Experts differ on merits, political impact of McCollum’s health care lawsuit” (March 26, Tampa Tribune)
    Baldwin commented on Florida AG Bill McCollum’s suit challenging the constitutionality of the new Health Care Act. “As far as I can tell the commerce clause has been treated as providing a very, very wide range of powers,” he said. Court rulings have given Congress ability to regulate even such seemingly private matters as how much grain farmers grow on their own land for their own personal use, he noted. “I think the suit is really nothing more than a political ploy to keep the argument alive and convince people … that their rights are being trampled,” Baldwin said.
 Jeffrey Davis
Professor of Law; Gerald A. Sohn Research Scholar

  • Davis spoke at a luncheon hosted by the Jacksonville Bankruptcy Bar Association on March 17. The topic was ethical challenges in in bankruptcy cases.
 Joe Little
Emeritus Professor; Alumni Research Scholar

  • “Airboats, superintendent won’t be charter ballot issues” (March 27, The Gainesville Sun)
    The Alachua County Charter Review Commission did not approve an amendment offered by the African American Accountability Alliance to make the superintendent of schools an elected position rather than an appointed position. Little is a member of the commission. The Charter Review Commission’s contracted legal counsel, Sarah Bleakley with the firm of Nabors, Giblin & Nickerson, and commission member and University of Florida law professor emeritus Joe Little both said that amendment would violate the Florida Constitution because the school district was a separate government body under the supervision of the state and the county’s charter had no power over it. “We don’t do the public of our county any service when we do something that we plainly have no authority to do,” Little said.
 Bernard A. Raum
Adjunct Professor; Forensics Trial Consultant

  • Raum participated as a guest expert panelist at a symposium and Tennessee CLE program titled, “One Advocate’s Junk Science is Another Advocate’s Evidence: Forging New Paths in Forensic Science” held at the University of Tennessee College of Law on March 26.