Zack, Jerry congratulate students on book awards, accomplishments

Published: October 18th, 2010

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Stephen Zack congratulates students on their achievements. (Photo by Joey Springer)

Stephen Zack congratulates students on their achievements. (Photo by Joey Springer)


Many students enter law school having routinely aced their classes since they were children. It is, unsurprisingly, a jarring moment when law students realize that As are few and far between in the new environs. But even the vaunted A is not the ultimate mark of law school achievement. Those who receive the highest score in the class are given something extra: a book award.

On Friday, Oct. 8, those students received their book awards, commemorated with a plaque. The ceremony took place immediately after the Criser lecture, meaning that students had the pleasure of receiving their awards from ABA President Stephen Zack.

“We’re so proud of our students who have led our classes as the top student,” Dean Robert Jerry said, “and it’s a great honor to have your award presented to you by Stephen Zack.”

Many of the book awards are sponsored by firms, individuals, or groups honoring a friend. For example, the award for Florida Constitutional Law is given in honor of Bill McBride, and endowed by McBride’s law partner and fellow UF Law grad Bob Bolt, as well as McBride’s wife and gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink.

Other book awards are given in memory of those who have passed, including the award for Advanced Labor Law. The award is given in memory of Rebecca Jakubcin, a 1999 UF Law grad who died after being struck by a drunk driver. The award is sponsored by the law firm of Fisher & Phillips, where Jakubcin was a partner before her tragic death.

Zack ended the ceremony by congratulating the students, family members and award sponsors who filled the Chesterfield Smith Ceremonial Classroom. In his last remarks, Zack invoked the motto of the classroom’s namesake, ‘Do good.’ “Students,” Zack said, “you done good.”