Students get down and dirty to clean up law school woods

Published: November 8th, 2010

Category: Feature, Students

James Davies

James Davies, 2L, wades through the woods during the law school clean-up. (Photo courtesy of Henry Perlstein)

University of Florida law students got down and dirty at the Fall 2010 Law School Woods Conservation Area Clean-up Day Oct. 23.


The event is an annual undertaking involving mulching, tree planting and fence installation. The event’s goal is to help to avoid overpopulation of invasive exotic species of plans, clean out garbage, and to help maintain a passive recreation area. Arborist Erick Smith instructed the group of attendees on invasive plant removal and disposal.


“My vision of the area is for the woods to be a conservation area first, and a non-destructive recreation area second,” GreenLAW Law School Woods Coordinator Henry Perlstein said. “If we can make a passive recreation area that students enjoy, we are doing a service to the conservation goal by helping more people appreciate and enjoy the beauty and seclusion of the woods.”


The area boasts a pavillion and picnic tables, making it a perfect open-air study spot.


GreenLAW and the Conservation Clinic co-sponsored the event and expect to have another clean-up day in the spring. They would like to mulch, add additional picnic tables and repair the pavilion.


“The woods can offer a quiet place that is close to the school, with a beautiful natural backdrop,” Perlstein said. “It is a unique place given how secluded you can feel inside of it, yet how close to the law school campus you actually are.”